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DEB INSTANT gel - Bottle of 100 ml



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Reference GOHY010.023
Brand Gohy

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DEB INSTANT gel is an alcohol based antiseptic for the hands. This disinfecting gel for hand hygiene is used without water.


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Description of DEB INSTANT gel:

DEB INSTANT® gel is a hydroalcoholic gel, tested for the hygienic (EN 1500) and surgical (EN 12791) disinfection of hands by rubbing. 

DEB INSTANT® gel is bactericidal and fungicidal, and is active against the A/H1N1 virus in accordance with the protocol of norm EN 14476.

As well as its antimicrobial activity, Stockosept® gel has regenerating and hydrating properties, due to the panthenol and glycerine in its formulation. Finally, it leaves the skin feeling pleasant.


Use of DEB INSTANT gel:

DEB INSTANT® gel can be used everywhere where strict hygiene is required, such as the food industry, electronics industry, clean rooms, care facilities, hospitals, public facilities and any workplace where there might be a risk of microbial contamination. 


How to use DEB INSTANT gel:

Rub undiluted DEB INSTANT® gel onto the dry hands. The hands must be kept moist throughout application.

To  ensure the hands are impregnated with the product, follow the steps in the standard method by rubbing (EN 1500).

Duration of rubbing:

• Hygienic disinfection of the hands, tuberculosis, A/H1N1 virus: 30 sec.

• Surgical disinfection of the hands: 3 min.


Advantages of DEB INSTANT gel:

* Guarantees efficacy during use

* Danger free for man and the environment

* Bactericide (including MRSA, tuberculosis)

* Fungicide

* Virucide against A/H1N1

* Listed VAH and SFHH

* Prevents the drying out of the skin often seen when alcohol based formulations are used 

* Optimum skin compatibility

* No effect on the taste of food


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